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 What is your next level of "PLAYING BIGGER" and blowing the lid off the roof with your financial and impact goals?

If it is anything to do with exceeding sales goals and scaling... building an unshakable mindset, next level leadership, business strategy and  building successful high performance sales teams...

Then let's talk about your vision with your business growth and then what even BIGGER then the looks like and make that happen.  I'd love to invite you to share what you want and assess what I can help you with and how I can help support you to level up.  

I have been known to be a source of inspiration, passion, empowerment, strategic planning, mastering sales, an unshakable mindset and the skillset and confidence to exceed sales and scale goals.  

I work with industry leaders, way showers, visionary, established service and product based business owners, high performance sales teams, coaches and their mastermind clients and entrepreneurs looking to level up.  

With an extensive sales background building two $2M territories (B2B), mentoring and leading sales teams, creating sales and leadership trainings and teaching high performers sales, leadership and mindset in various masterminds, I love to point out what is working and not working and share what's in the gaps.  Then I fix it.

In simple terms... I help badass, amazing women (having created a 6 figures business to those building 7+ figure empires) on a mission to create freedom and impact, exceed sales goals and successfully scale their business.

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Topics Covered:


Identify gaps in a business’s sales process and implement the right strategies and processes to improve desired outcomes.

-GAP Analysis
-Sales Assessment
-Business Assessment including clarity on your vision, what's working and not working 
-Clarity on 1 year, 5 year and long term vision
-Review Structuring your business model for scale
-2021 Strategic Business Plan (Sales + Scale) Plan with step-by-step actions to hit and exceed goals
-Metrics set up to measure progress
-Define a Tailored Sales Plan to follow step-by-step
-Vision, Mission, Brand and Culture Alignment established
-Review current offers and tweak so they convert easily
-Refine current messaging, marketing and advertising to convert ideal clients/customers faster
-Master sales successfully enroll your clients to invest in your high ticket offerings
-Master overcoming objections
-Build out a strategic plan for organic and paid advertising that feels in alignment with you and your zone of genius
-Structure systems, processes, and operations that allow you to work efficiently and effectively (smarter, not harder) and design the business you desire
-How to successfully hire a powerhouse sales team and create a connected culture (so you can focus on doing the creative stuff you love)
-Build your authority, credibility and influence to become #1 in your market
-Revenue Generating Ideas that are designed to create additional cash flow.

Get Three On-one-One Sessions to take aligned action to hit your goals.


During the sessions with me, you will level up.  How you handle one thing is how you handle everything and so you will learn how to take your personal leadership to the next level which will result in your business becoming more financially fit and your impact landing with your team and clients/customers.

Our Impactful Sessions will be tailored to best support you and are designed to:

- Level up your leadership skills to run your business and your team and create more joy, wealth, and abundance.
-Manage your mind, stretch past where you would normally go, breakthrough blocks, limiting beliefs, doubts and fears so you can play BIGGER and grow and scale to the level you desire and know is possible (influence, impact and financially)
-Learn and apply advanced NLP, EFT, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Response Management, Logical, Scientific, Practical and Spiritual Principles + Applications, Resources, and Tools to generate and accelerate your potential.


We work together in partnership to track your goals and set revenue markers. I will be working on your business with you and tell you exactly what to fix (internally and externally), how to shift what is not working, and support you to hire and train your team during sessions. 

Working with me privately, you get the highest level of access to me to help you to build and scale and hit your sales goals.



Professional growth matches personal growth.  So if you are hitting blocks in your sales and in scaling your business... then leveling up is the secret.


Why Work with Me?

Hey there!  I am passionate about helping women own their power and really be successful with their business and share their gifts and expertise to positively inspire their clients to be a better version of themselves.  That is my ripple effect.  I am a connector, powerful manifestor and heart-centered Business Coach focusing specifically on helping women level up their biz- teaching business women how to manage their mindset and build and scale their business.

I am known to be a maven and am the founder of several online collaborations including, The High End Sales Series, Have it All and Living a Badass Life Show.

A mentor and influencer to badass visionary female leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners helping them up  master high ticket sales to scale their 6 and 7 figure businesses and create major impact doing what they love.

I have created success with my clients giving the exact steps from 20 years of experience in high ticket sales, business development, consulting and working with and leading advanced mindset, emotional intelligence, and leadership trainings around the globe.

From San Diego, have lived in LA and New York and have moved to Australia in 2020.  I work with powerhouse women who are entrepreneurs, business owners and sales teams around the world in the scope of High Ticket Sales, Leadership / Mindset Training Programs, Workshops, Business + Sales Breakthrough VIP Days.

I consult and coach as the Director of Sales in two exclusive powerhouse filled masterminds for female entrepreneurs, business owners and coaches and am super fired up to put my courses out into the world to help more women live out their life Having it All!

Work Directly With Me

The business investment working with me privately is between $5,000- $30,000 USD, depending on the best coaching package to meet your needs.  

I offer payment plans and have resources for financing.

Pay in Full for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months

3, 6, 9 and 12 Month Payment Plan.


Let set up a quick call to see if we are a match.

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Here are a few client success stories...


Keri is the CEO & Founder of Keri Lynn Ford Inc, a transformation coaching and training company dedicated to serving and elevating every aspect of your life.
-Keri Ford, CEO & Founder of Elevate with Keri – an elite transformational coaching movement 

"Missy is the secret I have in my back pocket who helps me with building and scaling my business sales wise and with her unshakable mindset trainings and sales skills.  I have hired her to lead my sales mastery within Clients Online Mastermind for coaches who want to start their business."

- Malorie Tadimi, 7 figure Business Coach and Founder of Clients Online, teaching coaches how to build a successful online business. 

"Missy is one of the best sales and mindset trainers in the industry.  I hired her to lead high ticket sales and mindset trainings in my high ticket mastermind of over 200 students / entrepreneurs and business owners, course creators who are starting, growing and scaling to 7 figure businesses. 

Her unique method has helped my students own their worth and successfully sell their high ticket offerings with confidence.  She has offered a ton of value to my student membership site. She is a wonderful sales trainer, entrepreneur, and human! 

She knows how to bring out the best in people, and raise their vibes, and remove blocks to make selling easier. Her sales training have helped our students and clients easily bring in high ticket sales, because they have fun, connect and serve through the sales process.  Don't walk but RUN to hire her!

- Jenna Soard, Launch Strategist + Brand Expert Online Course Creator Former Nike Designer

...I collected my thoughts, reviews notes from all of our sessions, and reflected since our last session. 
As you know, saying "yes" and investing in myself in a big way last year was a big decision for me that I dwelled on for a long time.  I had never spent that much on myself for my own business/personal development and I knew I had to do it to get to my next level- but it was a major stretch!
And while I was signing up to work with you for support with growing my business and my sales, I received and achieved so much more than that in working with you! <3 <3 <3
You helped me shift out of a scarcity mindset and into one of abundance. You showed me how to be vulnerable and real with my audience to build connections and how to powerfully lead sales conversations and making calls to action that move people to invest in themselves.  You taught me why to love sales and be masterful at serving.  You gave me tools to connect with myself - my true self, my passions, and my purpose - which has been so incredibly rewarding and will leave a lasting impression on me and my future. Lastly, you empowered me to play BIGGER in so many ways - meditation, declarations, mantras, business ideas, taking imperfect and inspired action, outsourcing, and shifting perspectives about overwhelm, possibilities, and my gifts. 
As you can see, I achieved even more than I knew was possible in our time together - not just in blowing out my sales goals, hitting my stretchy goal of $100K in less than 6 months and building a 7 figure business in less than 12 months working with you!!!!-  but also in mindset and personal growth. Totally worth every penny and so much more! In fact, you paid for yourself in the first month we worked together. <3
Funny to think about how nervous and scared I was to say yes, but I am oh so happy I did! Thank you for everything to date!  I have been reinvigorated to seek out new areas of growth and opportunity for development, which has been really fun. 
I love you so much! You are incredibly gifted in all that you do and I feel so honored to have been able to work with you in many capacities over the last year. I'm so grateful for you and all that you are. <3
I made a long list of all my major takeaways from our calls and thought you might enjoy seeing it.  ("Thank you" just doesn' seem sufficient... but it will have to do. LOL!)
XOXO V" - Valerie Fox, CEO & Founder Consistent FX Profits
"With Missy Strasner’s Sales and Mindset Mastery Training, I enrolled 2 clients at my now premium rate in less than 30 days.  Her training gave me the focus and structure I needed (and the confidence to ask for it).  She is incredibly savvy and her ability to see what is not working and give direct guidance for me to be successful.  She is able to support, hold a big vision and her focus to keep you on track is powerful and some of the reasons why I signed up to work with her.  Not to mention this girl has a heart of gold and supported me through my breakdowns and breakthroughs while building and scaling my business! She’s passionate and it shows in her program! Love her and highly recommend her!"
- Christin House, Founder of The House Method, Alternative Health Coach  

Missy is a friend of mine and I hired her to support me in leveling up and achieving my financial goals to hit consistent $100K months.  During our work together, I was able to work through my own shadow work, gain the confidence and clarity to take my business in a more aligned direction and really feel supported through my growth.  Also a business mentor and spiritual teacher, I wanted to get out of my way.  I broke through limiting beliefs and she was there to have her eyes on my business to see what wasn't working and tell me what to do.  She is authentic and loving and is also no BS.  She has a loving way to kick my ass into high gear and call me to PLAY BIGGER and go after what I really want to create.  Missy specializes in teaching High Ticket Sales and I brought her in to teach my students to create an unshakable mindset and how to sell High Ticket in my exclusive mastermind, The Feminine CEO Academy.  She helped our students and clients create incredible financial gains.  Owning their self worth, gaining confidence sharing their offer and being able to communicate their high ticket offer effectively.  Hitting their stretchy income goals.  New coaches hitting 6 figures FAST. They have learned mastering their mindset and sales to powerfully enroll their ideal clients. I recommend Missy and her trainings if you are looking to work with an incredible loving and heart centered business coach and desire to level up!

- Jessica Riverson, Business Coach, Healer, NLP, CEO & Founder, The Feminine CEO

"Missy is fun, smart and a total badass leader and human.  Her coaching is next level - strategy, ideas, skillset and ability to support me through business and sales blocks so I create impact and generate a fasI track to scale my business to 7 figures.  She has helped me get out of my way and sell out high ticket offers in programs and workshops as well as  launching projects that have created additional passive income.  Highly recommend working with her and her creativity and compassion is a gift!"

- Cyndi Olin, Love & Relationship Coach, CEO Create Your Luck in Love

"Being a successful restaurant owner and chef, in NYC, I closed the doors 2 years ago to completely change my path and follow my passion and purpose leading others to master their mindset. Aligning my experience, expertise into a premium offer, Missy has helped me own my worth and build the confidence and skillset to build and scale a coaching business, serve and sell authentically. Missy is a sister to me and a huge support to me and I am grateful for her experience, expertise, support and friendship.

- Aimee Follette, Chef/Creator of Sun In Bloom, Investor, Leadership and NLP & Mindset Trainer

Missy is a rockstar.  I hired Missy to write copy ... she ended up helping me share my leadership, experience and expertise running a global company to female entrepreneurs to inspire and mentor them to go after their dreams.  She is passionate, brilliant and one of my best friends... a sister, a peer and one of the wisest women I know.  She helps me expand my mindset and level up!  

- Johanna Wollert Melin, CEO & Founder, Trice Imaging 

"Missy taught me to reframe my mindset to abundance and learn the distinction and gain awareness of how I was sabotaging my earning potential.  Owning my worth and creating high ticket offers and confidently selling my services happened because of her coaching and consistent support and reminders.  I am now creating the business of my dreams and am grateful for the skills I have to use to build and scale my business,

- Milan Perry, Healthy Lifestyle Design/Culinary Nutrition - Founder and Owner - SoNaturelle Wellness HHP

"Missy has been the loving interruption I needed  to get my business to it's next level and me hitting my financial goals.  Her expertise and wisdom is invaluable to me and my business.

She has a way to see a vision all the way through.  Cutting through my BS and helping me to see exactly what I need to be doing and how to do it has given me a next level of freedom and confidence with owning my self worth, selling high ticket and creating sales and in my biz.  She is so in tune to what I need and able to connect on such a deep level and bring out the best in you." ‚Äč

 - Jessica Leigh 

Co-Creator Inner & Outer Beauty

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Certified Coach & Facilitator 

"Missy Strasner is a leader in the coaching industry. She is one of the most powerful women I know. As I have transitioned my business to align more with my truth, I have had blocks to take it out in a clear way to the world. I trust her with getting me and my vision the direction of my business and leading it to where I want it to go and the how to do it. Her guidance is loving and direct so it gets my ass in gear and making more impact because I am clear and have a plan. Her support and style allow for me to really level up and play a BIGGER game because I know she has my back. "

~Krisha Young, Speaker, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator

"I connected with Missy right away and hired her to help me get my new luxury brand fitness / lifestyle apparel business up and running successfully, breakthrough my business blocks and build my sales team. She whipped my mindset into gear, had me tap into my next level leadership and implement self care, self love and daily manifestation practices andI can say it was a tremendous breakthrough for me to invest and I am so glad I did. I learned so much and have created a solid foundation of confidence and skills and strategy to hit my business and financial goals." - Christy Teloh, Owner/Founder Style Reform

" Missy is an amazing coach! She is excellent at creating and executing strategies that you normally wouldn't think of! She is powerful and masterful in teaching how to connect to your heart, stand for others and their vision, and enroll them from a heart centered authentic space so it is easy. Thank you, Missy, for your support in my life and business!"

~ Devani Freeman, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Consultant, Small Business Online Marketing Consultant

"I am sooo grateful for Missy's expertise in business and powerhouse leadership! She is the real deal and not only is she results driven, she knows how to tweak a few things to make a massive difference in sales. I launched 2 new products while building an online program and she was able to help me manage my mind, my time and my business at a higher more efficient level, teaching me how to hire, delegate and ask for the support I need to hit my financial goals, all while working part time. She knows business and has taught me how to be a better leader running my business."

~ Melanie Trehan, Owner/Master Esthetician - ‎HD BEAUTY THE SKINCARE BOUTIQUE


"I am forever grateful for Missy. She is a woman of power and strength and will get you to where you want to be! She has supported me on so many levels to get me clear on my path in life and building and scaling my business to live a life of freedom!!! Her experience and expertise have been invaluable to me and my business getting to where it is now and where it is going in the future."

~ Krystal Jackson, Co Owner & Trainer at Jackson Strength, Athletic Success Coach

"Missy is one of the most giving, dedicated and committed coaches I have ever worked with. She has a huge heart and her heart-centered approach is what truly makes her such an authentic and powerful coach. She is a relentless giver and an inspiration to all who meet her. She has always held me high and created space for me to be my highest self. The first words that come to mind when I think of Missy Strasner are: inspiring, giving, committed, loving leader, coach and friend! She knows business and knows how to help you achieve your goals and live your best life."

~ Ashley Marie Hann,  Speaker & Influencer