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With Missy Strasner’s Sales and Mindset Mastery Training, I enrolled 2 clients at my now premium rate in less than 30 days.  Her training gave me the focus and structure I needed (and the confidence to ask for it).  She is incredibly savvy and her ability to see what is not working and give direct guidance for me to be successful.  She is able to support, hold a big vision and her focus to keep you on track is powerful and some of the reasons why I signed up to work with her.  Not to mention this girl has a heart of gold and supported me through my breakdowns and breakthroughs while building and scaling my business! She’s passionate and it shows in her program! I also love learning how she coaches others in both strategy and mindset.  Love her and highly recommend her!

- Christin House, Founder of The House Method, Alternative Health Coach  

I am sooo grateful for Missy's expertise in business and powerhouse leadership! She is the real deal and not only is she results-driven, she knows how to tweak a few things to make a massive difference in sales. I launched 2 new products while building an online program and she was able to help me manage my mind, my time and my business at a higher more efficient level, teaching me how to hire, delegate and ask for the support I need to hit my financial goals, all while working part-time. Her course is high level and can be used to support you at all levels from building to scaling to 7 figures on. It is thorough and gives so many resources and is so inspiring. She knows business and has taught me how to be a better leader running my business.

~ Melanie Trehan, Owner/Master Esthetician - ‎HD BEAUTY THE SKINCARE BOUTIQUE

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Missy is fun, smart and a total badass leader and human.  Her coaching is next-level - strategy, ideas, skillset and ability to support me through business and sales blocks so I create impact and generate a fast track to scale my business to 7 figures.  She. masterful at team building. She has helped me get out of my way and sell out high ticket offers in programs and workshops as well as launching projects that have created income.  Highly recommend working with her and her creativity and compassion is a gift and it's contagious!

- Cyndi Olin, Love & Relationship Coach, CEO Create Your Luck in Love

I first met Missy when I was stuck for a while at the same point in my business. She was instrumental in bridging the gap between low ticket offers and high ticket sales. She has helped me level up personally and professionally. She taught me how to reframe, compassionately sell and lead from a heart-centered place. Missy worked with me on my packaging and pricing and my first high ticket sale gave me so much confidence. I went from a low ticket $75/client to $6,000 per month if they work with me privately. I have grown now creating a 7 figure business in less than 2 years. This was because I stepped into owning my worth and the transformation I could help women create from the inside out. Missy helped me start this and get the confidence around sales and tap in and come from a heart-centered space of service and unhooked from attachment. She has taught me how to be a better leader, with enrollment and developing my team. She has become a dear friend. She is a connector, has a powerful MPOWER network and her Next Level Series and Sales Mastery Course is epic- giving tools, resources, and inspiration needed to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially! From leveling up, I have the confidence and am taking on more impactful projects- fully visible, coming from servitude and manifesting everything I dreamed in my life. Having Missy and MPOWER is an absolute Yes! -Keri Ford, CEO & Founder of Elevate with Keri – an elite transformational coaching movement 

Missy has been the loving interruption I needed to get my business to its next level and me hitting my financial goals.  Her expertise and wisdom is invaluable to me and my business.

She has a way to see a vision all the way through.  Cutting through my BS and helping me to see exactly what I need to be doing and how to do it has given me the next level of freedom and confidence with owning my self-worth, selling and creating sales and in my biz.  She is so in tune with what I need and has the ability to connect on such a deep level and bring out the best in you.‚Äč

 - Jessica Leigh 

Co-Creator Inner & Outer Beauty

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Influencer, Certified Coach & Facilitator 

I hired Missy to support me in leveling up and achieving my financial goals to hit consistent $100K months.  During our work together, I was able to work through my own shadow work, gain the confidence and clarity to take my business in a more aligned direction and really feel supported through my growth.  Also a business mentor and spiritual teacher, I wanted to get out of my way.  I broke through limiting beliefs and she was there to have her eyes on my business to see what wasn't working and tell me what to do. She has a loving way to kick my ass into high gear and call me to PLAY BIGGER and go after what I really want to create.  I brought Missy in to teach my students to create an unshakable mindset and how to sell High Ticket in my exclusive mastermind and Academy.  She helped our students and clients create incredible financial gains, going from $5,000 - $30,000 months. Guiding women to own their self-worth, gaining confidence sharing their offer and being able to communicate their high ticket offer effectively and run. their business like a boss!  New coaches hitting 6 figures FAST. They have learned to master their mindset and sales to powerfully enroll their ideal clients. I recommend Missy and her training if you are looking to work with an incredibly loving and heart-centered business coach and desire to level up!

- Jessica Riverson, Business Coach, Healer, NLP, CEO & Founder, The Feminine CEO.


- Kristen Cotton

Director of Account Management- Oncology West at McKesson

Don’t think twice. Missy's genius in strategy, enrollment, sales mastery and connection.  She asks the questions that spark transformation.  Her positivity and leadership is powerful and her coaching is the real deal.  She has helped me hit my sales goals and step into my leadership, go after my dreams and build my own team to scale to 7 figures.

-Ashley Preciado, CEO 

I was signing up to work with Missy for support with growing my business and my sales, I received and achieved so much more than that in working with her! <3 <3 <3   Saying "yes" and investing in myself in a big way $$$$ last year was a big decision for me that I dwelled on for a long time.  I had never spent that much on myself for my own business/personal development and I knew I had to do it to get to my next level- but it was a major stretch!

Missy helped me shift out of a scarcity mindset and into one of abundance. She showed me how to be vulnerable and real with my audience to build connections and how to powerfully lead sales conversations and making calls to action that move people to invest in themselves.  She taught me why to love sales and be masterful at serving.  I received tools to connect with myself - my true self, my passions, and my purpose - which has been so incredibly rewarding and will leave a lasting impression on me and my future.

Lastly, she empowered me to play BIGGER in so many ways - meditation, declarations, mantras, business ideas, taking imperfect and inspired action, outsourcing, and shifting perspectives about overwhelm, possibilities and my gifts. 

I achieved even more than I knew was possible in our time together - not just in blowing out my sales goals, hitting my stretchy goal of $100K in less than 6 months and building a 7 figure business in less than 12 months working with her!!!!-  but also in mindset and personal growth.

Totally worth every penny and so much more! In fact, I paid for her in the first month we worked together. <3

Amazing things open up when playing bigger and getting uncomfortable.!

Funny to think about how nervous and scared I was to say yes, but I am oh so happy I did!

Thank you for everything to date!  I have been reinvigorated to seek out new areas of growth and opportunity for development, which has been really fun. 

I  highly recommend her to anyone who wants to build their business and step into what's next for them!  She is incredibly gifted in all that she does coaching women in groups, I learned so much about how to build and lead my team more impactfully and now model it. I feel so honored to have been able to work with her in her group program and privately over the last year. I'm so grateful for our work together.

I made a long list of all my major takeaways from our calls  ("Thank you" just doesn't seem sufficient... but it will have to do. LOL!)


- Valerie Fox, CEO & Founder Consistent FX Profits

Missy is a rockstar.  She helped me get clear, create a plan and level up all aspects of my business. I have learned to see where I was playing small and how to manage my mindset into living in an abundant mindset, built my self-worth, building a coaching program and am now enrolling my soul mate clients at high ticket with total confidence and it's so fun.  I used her high ticket sales training to break through all that was holding me back and to get over all of my sales blocks- and I am on fire and so is my business.

- Keara Farrel, Life and Leadership Coach