M P O W E R 

A Dynamic Business Mentorship Program to get to your next level of wealth, impact + influence.




Here is your Special Invitation to Inspire Your Potential, Feminine Power + Confidence, Transform What is Holding You Back and Focus Your Energy on Who You are Becoming to Create the Epic Life and Business You Desire.  


You are here if you are high vibe, driven, love personal development and desire to grow, build and scale a highly profitable, impactful business in a smart + feminine way that is sustainable and truly aligns with you, your vision and your style!

If you want to elevate your vibe, step into your next level of greatness, develop your leadership and you desire to own your voice (unapologetically) and want to create more wealth, impact and influence - check this out!

 To be Ninja/Masterful, you need all of it... vision, commitment, discipline, clarity, focus, energy, intuition, mindset, strategy, training, skillset and practice.

This isn't about another strategy to "try" on, another weekly webinar training to learn product knowledge, Zoom catch-up, plug and play or call for motivation, another FB group or "special training."

It's not a social hour to connect with women sharing their success stories and what is working for them. 

This is about YOU and your vision for yourself and your life and developing the courage and confidence and developing the skillset, energetics, mindset to transform into the next version of yourself and your business. 

This is for you to set yourself up to win, feeling empowered and being clear, "on fire", inspired, in alignment and having direct coaching and support to hit your goals.

This is about you channeling your energy to get you what you want.

To unhook from limiting beliefs, get (and stay) unstuck, play BIGGER, open up new opportunities and breakthrough mindset, business and money blocks.

This is to you being a finisher!

Blasting your glass ceilings and upper limits means you are willing to be the woman who dares, bets on herself!

You are committed to experience and  learn what it takes to build, grow and scale!

Investing in yourself to level up your business in 2021 is a smart business practice, part of the plan, not a luxury. 

It is the most valuable and profitable return with your time, energy and money.

When women invest in themselves and their growth, their self-worth, value, wealth (yes, how much they get paid), confidence, effectiveness, and well-being elevate and they become more dynamic, magnetic and attract more abundance.  

They are skilled, supported, given more opportunities, have more authority, create more success and become more powerful, confident and impactful leaders.

The market continues to change and what worked for women the last few years is not the same as what will work for you NOW.

Working through personal blocks and limiting beliefs is needed to build confidence, clarity, motivation, positive change and impact.  

Imagine what you could create if you just made the decision to take inspired action.

I believe you get to invest in yourself in the same way other successful men and women do to level up and grow their business.

Your circle of influence is critical to your success.   

Expert coaching to level up personally and build and scale my business is non-negotiable.

I invest at higher levels each time.  It is never a "comfortable" decision.

And, in order to be bigger, do bigger and have bigger, it requires getting myself to be unreasonable and take inspired action.

That is what makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. 

That practice of being"non-logical" and not "making sense" was me investing money in myself and my business when I didn't have it.

Paying the first $2,000 and then trusting myself to 'figure out' the next payment.

Being "non sensible" is necessary to be successful in business.

Taking inspired action is also what put me around a new circle of influence (millionaires) and supported me to create 6 figures in 6 months - instead of what I was doing and it taking  3+ years like most female entrepreneurs starting a business. 

This same "risky" not logical actions each year is why I have more confidence in my business.

I declare it and make it happen.  The how shows up.

This is also why each year I can confidently ask for more money from my private clients.

My value continues to go up each time I invest and so does the value I can give.

This is also why my private clients have built 7 figure businesses.  

Because they step into their next level as soon as they put money down. 

There is a confidence and upgrade that happens instantly when we put money down.

The stakes are higher and we show up differently.  

We become lit up.

It's exciting. 

There is momentum and flow that follows.

We step into fierce and unstoppable energy.

A fearlessness that is contagious and infectious and attractive!

I believe the ripple impact of a positive, driven, supportive winning collective of powerhouse women rising is what will change the planet.

MPOWER is an exclusive badass mentorship program for driven and passionate women who desire personal and business growth and next-level success NOW!


Imagine 1 on 1 focused attention, support and accountability to help you get out of your own way and want someone to give you direct honest feedback on where some of your blindspots could be that may be holding you back and interfering from you 'having it all'?
Do feel like you are missing something and ready for tailored coaching to bring you to that next level of success, fulfillment, abundance and happiness?
Want to guidance to develop stronger leadership, increased confidence, managing stress and stepping into and owning your power and worth?


What's possible for you in 6 months, 1 or 5 years from now if you do what you are doing?
To level up requires taking actions that are new and out of your energetic, time and financial comfort zone.
And, It's taking smart fast inspired actions that align with what you desire.
Watch what opportunities open up and manifest when you choose in!

Jenna Soard

Missy is one of the best sales and mindset trainers in the industry.  A master connector, I hired her to lead high ticket sales and mindset training in my high ticket mastermind of over 500 students/entrepreneurs and online business owners, course creators and network marketers who are starting, growing and scaling to 7 figure businesses. 

Her unique Sales Mastery Method has helped my students own their worth build their business, sell with confidence and successfully 10x their income. She has offered a ton of value to my student membership site. She is a wonderful sales trainer, entrepreneur, and human! 

She knows how to bring out the best in people, remove blocks, develop leaders and make selling and enrolling easier and more fulfilling.  Don't walk but RUN to hire her!

- Jenna Soard, Launch Strategist + Brand Expert Online Course Creator Former Nike Designer

Here's what you get

powerful combination of expert guidance, coaching and training to quantum leap your confidence, skillset, influence, wealth and success!

MPOWER is Designed to Cause Transformation and a Major Upgrade.

MPOWER is a high level 12 months focussed on Mastering "all things" business and personal growth.
You'll experience and practice a powerful blend of eastern philosophies with western frameworks.

Get access to an infusion  and power blend of energetics, neuroscience, quantum physics, consciousness, the power of language, meditation, mantras and visualization exercises and practices to break through blocks and attract more of what you want. 


Get Direct Access to Missy Strasner with monthly 60 minute high-level transformative training, "hot seat" coaching and QA.


This is your time to get past your own blocks and for business breakthroughs. No BS laser honest and expert feedback and step by step guidance for you to get clear, solve your problem and overcome your blocks and stay in flow, generating momentum and manifest FAST.
Get grounded, focussed, clear, strategic and confident. Be in completion with ideas and in the magnetic frequency to attract what you desire.  
This is dedicated time to you. Learn what to tweak and how to quickly iterate, reset. pivot and reinvent so you stay in flow.  
Have space to role-play to master your authentic voice, build the skillset enrollment conversations, nail your messaging, positioning and delivery (CTA's) so it lands and inspires your clients and team to take action and create more money, influence and impact.  
Strengthen your presence, visibility and authority, make direct offers and overcoming objections.
Gain tools, hacks, fresh ideas, relevant strategies, resources, methods to apply and use to refine, tweak and save time, money and energy..


Connect and learn from a powerhouse network around the world.


Step into your power with building your personal leadership.  Gain the skillset in The Sales Mastery Method to master enrollment and lead yourself, your life and your business in a way that transforms every aspect of your life.
Receive the same coaching that Has Helped Thousands Of Online Business Owners, Network Marketers, Influencers, Coaches, Independent Consultants All Over The World Tap into Their Feminine Power, Gain Confidence, Use their Authentic Voice, and Realize Their Vision in Their Personal, Financial, Health, Relationship, Impact, Influence and Business Goals.
A full suite of high-level savvy business training to build your leadership and successfully sell your products and services with grace and flow broken down in 12 simple modules so they are easy to digest and exciting to practice and apply.


Set your structure and systems to next level success. Use blueprints and step-by-step guidance to run your life and business like a boss!  
Get top mindset, tactics, tools, strategies and skills to build confidence for what's next for you!  Master high ticket sales, enrollment and connection.  Lessons to set you up for success.  From practices and rituals to breaking past money blocks to being magnetic and manifesting to managing overwhelm so you can have fun, be happy and successful.

#3 Next Level Master Interview Series  

Real and raw interviews hosted by Missy and designed to empower and inspire entrepreneurs and business owners to get to their next level.
Powerhouse thought leaders, coaches, business owners and influencers around the globe up to BIG things, share experience, guidance, training and resources and speak into Leveling Up, Breaking Glass Ceilings and Upper Limits.
Access to top experts and thought leaders around the world giving you coaching in getting to your next level in your life, health, wealth, relationships, impact, influence and business.  energetics, visibility with  thousands of dollars of free gifts and special offers designed for you to level up all aspects of your life to create more freedom, joy and abundance.

Next Level Mastery Series Experts Featured in...

Top Trainings

12 powerful advanced trainings that are designed to be fast and simple so they are easy to learn and apply


Develop and practice a mindset to make millions. Learn exactly how to manage your mind, think like a winner and be in your power.  Get past your personal blocks, limiting beliefs and resistance, build an unshakable money mindset, own your worth, upgrade your beliefs and align with what you desire. 


Manifesting, being magnetic and attracting all you desire.  Master enrollment and what it takes and how to be a powerful manifestor creating your dream life and business and attracting everything you desire with ease and grace and flow.


Getting back to the basics, setting yourself up to win, the freedom is in the structure and be on fire designing the business you desire.


Exactly how to attract and build and inspire leadership in the rockstars around you to support you in your vision.  Get the blueprint for what to do and steps and processes on what you need to breakthrough.


Mastering sales and actually making money requires a plan.  Get aligned with your badass empowered self, confident in your offer and create your structured sales plan with systems for accountability to save time and make more money. Oh, and have fun doing it!


Powerfully (and from your heart) serve!  Lead your ideal clients to cross the line and enroll in their vision and say "yes" to your offer.  Learn the structure and how to communicate effectively in a way that connects.


Become intimate with your numbers and how to build a realistic pipeline to set yourself up to win and be "pro" about it.  Learn exactly how to manage your business growth like a Badass Savvy Boss.


Let it be easy to enroll your ideal client.  Learn the exact play-by-play to confidently get past any "time" and "money" ("I can't afford it", "Let me talk to my partner" objections. No more "salesy" conversations and being in "convincing" energy and instead, (if your offer can really support them) lead them across the line to invest in themselves and be a "F" yes with your offer!


The steps to success, strengthening your leadership, setting boundaries, leading your dream team.


Get an exact step-by-step plan to know what to focus on and how to take control of your business and your income as you scale to your next income level.


Have complete confidence in your business and leadership. Nail your positioning you and your signature offer in a way that moves people to say "yes.". Learn how to create authentic enrollment conversations with rockstars and soul mate clients.  Design a script from your heart, (create an authentic script based off a powerful structure I give you).


Hold space for people to create transformation for themselves.  You get what you believe you are worth.  Learn exactly how to attract high-quality clients and team members.


Krystal Jackson

I am forever grateful for Missy. She is a woman of power and strength and will get you to where you want to be! She has supported me in stepping into my leadership and be clear on my path in life for what's next and building and scaling my business to live a life of freedom!!!  To where it is now and where it is going in the future - multiple businesses, various income streams and building an empire.

~ Krystal Jackson, Co-Owner & Trainer at Jackson Strength, Athletic Success Coach

For More MPOWER Community and Client Success Stories...


High Performance Business Coach, International Sales + (Feminine) Leadership Trainer, Entrepreneur and Founder of The Next Level Series.

My entrepreneurial journey began in college and then starting my own business at age 22.  A rebel with a wild heart, my plan was always to work for myself, help women in business and be free.  I just didn't know the "how" it was going to happen.

In my early 30's, I left a "high-paying" sales job (working for a top 5 Fortune 500 Company) and badass lifestyle in New York City, to move home to San Diego and reinvent myself.  Next chapter.  

I started business consulting teaching small business owners how to make more money ... helped them with mastering sales and enrollment and started a coaching business helping people get clear, create a plan and breakthrough all the noise that was holding them back.  I created 6 figures in 6 months working out of the hospital.  Making money was always easy.  I understood "how" and "what" "to do", hired a coach to get better work hard and smart and practiced what I teach.

For the past 10 years, I have mentored hundreds of women around the globe to get to their next level of growth, wealth, impact and create a legacy.  

To master their mindset, raise their beliefs, get clear, make more sales, show up as better leaders and build and scale impactful 6, 6+, 7 and 7+ figure businesses and have fun doing it. 

Founder of several wildly successful online collaborations including, The High-End Sales Series, Have it All in 2020, The Next Level and Living a Badass Life Show, I love putting out work to inspire and empower women to be authentic, courageous, wild and bold, and for women to own their worth.

Over the last 3 years, I consulted as The Director of Sales in 2 exclusive powerhouse-filled masterminds for female entrepreneurs, business owners and coaches, and mentored hundreds of women with my Sales Mastery Method, teaching leadership, high ticket sales and money mindset and infusing eastern philosophies, western principles, energetics and blending savvy and structure with "woo woo" to define new levels of authentic fierce and feminine leadership.

I work privately with powerhouse entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and business owners and also work with sales teams in the scope of High Ticket Sales, Sales + Business Mastery, Success + Performance,  Leadership / Mindset Training Programs, Workshops, Business + Sales Breakthrough VIP Days.

I am super fired up to build MPOWER to her next level, package my work, gifts, passion and expertise and serve and deliver it in a new way that inspires more women to be confident, empowered and live out their own version of a full out "epic life."

My Mission  

"I am committed to be the best version of myself and live an epic life. To be an example of what is possible, blending fierce and feminine, powerful, loving, trusting, peaceful and humble. Owning my voice and style as a heart-centered, compassionate, fun, connected leader.  Living as an abundant creator, using my strengths of being a manifestor, connector, innovator as a savvy and spiritual businesswoman.  
Do the work each day to serve from a full cup and transform pain to fuel purpose and be used up at the end of each day.  To achieve my deepest desires and use my power and influence, creativity and vision to empower, mentor and support women to break through their glass ceiling, be their potential and realize their deepest desires. I stand as a source for breakthroughs.  
To give my expertise, experience and heart and combination of 20 years of selling millions and mentoring hundreds of women to start, build and scale 6 and 7+ figure businesses.
I am here to light up, inspire, educate and elevate and empower female leaders & teams to share their gifts, build and scale their abundant businesses & lives and create influence, impact, income and create a positive ripple effect in the world."
- Missy Strasner


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