I host an online interview series called,
The High End Sales Series. 

This is highly acclaimed, top of industry thought leaders,
coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs earning
6 and 7 figures 
to give top tips, strategies, secrets, tools,
tactics, resources,
best practices, expert coaching, and
guidance so you can
make more sales FAST!!



To succeed as an entrepreneur you need to develop the right mindset. I want to teach you to train your brain to embrace failure, look for the lessons, visualize, set intentions and become masterful at sales so you can feel confident scaling.



Check out Missy's awesome, strategic courses that will help you set your business and get your high end sales.

"Missy will help you co-create absolutely anything that is in your vision. She is such a safe space and so nonjudgmental, all while pushing you to shift and open to new possibilities. "

Amy Ramsey
Life and Business Coach

"Missy Strasner is an incredible leader with a massive heart and "instantaneously obvious" integrity. She is a huge stand for greatness and has an innate gift that supports her in being able to see through all the BS that blocks everything that her clients desire. "

Jenna Phillips Ballard
Founder of Unicorn University

"It has been such a pleasure getting to know and work alongside Missy Strasner. Her love for life and humanity is contagious. She can connect to the deeper underlying roadblocks standing in the way and put together a plan of action to move forward. "

Ania Volovique
Branding Photographer

"She is supportive and extremely knowledgeable about business and understands how to build relationships and coach’s high-level performance. I highly recommend her services. "

Mike Cohen
Author, Survivor & Motivational Speaker

"Missy is one of the most giving, dedicated and committed coaches I have ever worked with. She has a huge heart and her heart-centered approach is what truly makes her such an authentic and powerful coach. "

Ashley Marie
Owner at Omni Media Marketing, Omni Media Marketing - San Diego, California

"I am sooo grateful for your expertise in coaching! I would recommend you and your services to anyone looking to maximize their personal and/or professional life!! "

Melanie Trehan

"I am forever grateful for Missy. She is a woman of power and strength and will get you to where you want to be! She has supported me on so many levels to get me clear on my path in life and live a life of freedom!!!"

Krystal Jackson
Co Owner & Trainer at Jackson Strength, Athletic Success Coach

"Missy's coaching has been a wonderful addition to my life. She is inherently positive, and fully present when I am seeking her insight. She asks questions that would not have otherwise occurred to me and has created space for me to have a different and more productive perspective on certain issues. I trust Missy's experience and would recommend her as a coach.""

Kesha Spoor
Program Manager, Vista Community Clinic - ‎San Diego, CA

"Missy supported me in finding clarity and direction as well as an actionable clear goals and steps to make my vision reality. Missy teaches tools to get out of my own way and gain clarity on what is next and have a strong plan to execute with a time line that has continuous accountability. "

Heather Stafford
Founder of Choosing Happy, Tech and Development Coach for Entrepreneurs

"Missy helped me learn how to think constructively and make decisions about important life events, including, changing career path, quitting a job, and moving across the country. I'm happy to count her as a coach, mentor a great supporter and a cultivator of love and light. She will be a great support, resource and advocate to you. Love you, Missy!"

Jessica Klara
Executive Account Manager - ‎Kre8 Media

"Missy is always willing to hold space for you, making it extremely easy to talk to her about any challenges, goals, achievements, issues, breakdowns, breakthroughs, etc. This is a very important characteristic in a coach, considering the amount of communication necessary to provide beneficial results. I have had the opportunity to work alongside Missy as well as be a student of her supreme coaching; both instances have left me with only the highest respect for her. "

Ben Stoodley
Real Estate Agent

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